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Life is full of disappointment and even Mass Effect 1 and 2 had things that I wished they had done better.  But Bioware did enough things right that I was able to overlook the things I thought that they did wrong.  The primary disappointment from ME1 to ME2 was that they cut so much from the game that they had in the first one.  Why does it seem to be the standard is to "reinvent" something instead of keeping what works and improving what doesn't.

Mass Effect 2's story, for the most part, was good enough for me to overlook the massive chopping up of the elements of the first game.  (Although I have yet to be able to come up with a "fix" for the "Human Reaper".)  I don't really have a problem with the idea of the Reapers being some kind of vessel for holding the essence of a race, but the execution of that idea was nonsensical.  A race is not simply its DNA but what they were able to produce with that DNA.  So if the Reapers wanted to preserve the pinnacle race of that cycle in the shell of a Reaper then that Reaper must hold more than just vast DNA samples of that Race.  It must also hold records of the accomplishments of that race, both scientific and cultural.  If this was the case then for every Reaper destroyed, they would be wiping out all that was left of an advanced civilization.  I could see Liara having a massive conflict of interest with the destruction of the Reapers if that was the case.

And then came Mass Effect 3.  When they announced the Collectors edition I went out to my local Game Stop and preordered it.  It took me several months to pay it off, but I was ready for the midnight release.  Along with the $80 for the game I have also ordered the action figures and the Liara statue.  Then Adam Withers said he would take commissions for custom Shepards for his Mass Effect crew group picture.  Well I jumped on that too.  I was so excited for the new game, but then the cracks began to form.  First the mini comic that came with the collectors edition was ripped.  Then the opening of the game introduced Vega without any explanation of how Shepard knew him, not to mention that he was out of uniform.  And the annoyances kept piling up, until we reach the end of the game.

I don't have the words to describe how I feel about what they fed us as the ending to what had been one my best gaming experiences ever.  I've made a certain amount of peace over how Science Fiction is presented in movies and TV shows.  For the most part I just shrug away the bad science and just try to enjoy the show.  Maybe that's my problem, I expected to much from Mass Effect and Bioware.  The writing in ME1/2 reminded me favorably of stories written by Heinlein, Bradbury, Smith, Weber and Ringo.  Sure there were problems with things like the way the military was portrayed, but as I've said before, there was enough good to overlook the bad.  But with ME3 the bad far overshadows the good.

I've now had almost two months to ponder Mass Effect 3.  I've done what I could to support the "Take Back Mass Effect" and "Hold the Line" campaigns.  I know that Bioware had announced a "clarification" DLC, but really I'm not going to hold my breath for it to really change anything.  So what do I do to close out my obsession over Mass Effect?  Do I simply put it behind me and move on?  "It sucked, but what can you do?"  I was able to do that with the ending to Star Trek: Enterprise.  The only problem is that I've never written fan fiction for Star Trek.  I never linked my own characters to Star Trek.  At this point I think I've invested to much of myself into Mass Effect.  So I've decided to finish what I started.

My subconscious has spit up several ideas that will let me tackle my problems with Mass Effect.  The real question is should I wait until the clarification DLC comes out this summer or start posting what I've come up with right away?  For those who have read through this big block of text, let me know what you think?

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ErsbethShadowsong Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm aware that this comment arrives late... VERRY late but I must say that I agree with you completely when it comes to the end of ME3. I'm not sure what you think of the "clarification" Bioware gave us, as this was written before the EC came out. IMO, it only turned a bad ending into a mediocre ending and seeing that the Indoctrination Theory was completely overlooked was a mistake in my book.
I'm not a true fan of sci-fi, I'm more of an "epic fantasy" woman and I loath shooters. But ME changed my mind on that. I spend a good amount of weeks after the ending kind of depressed until I made up my mind to work, on my own, on my own ending for the game. It's childish, it's stupid and it's unreal. But since my imagination is mine, I understand I can do whatever I want with it. 
My piece of advice, if you haven't done it yet, is write your ending. Change whatever you want to change to make it more real or suitable for what you true wanted to see in the end.
RickF7666 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
Thanks for the reply and well things have been slowly progressing over the last year or so.  Unfortunately for me, my problems with ME3 start right from the beginning.  With that in mind I have been working on ideas for a complete rewrite.  I've been posting my ideas over on where I was hoping to find feedback, but alas, that hasn't worked out as well as I had hoped.  There has been very little feedback other than, "That's an interesting idea".  What I was really looking for was comments about whether my ideas were logical and consistent with information from ME1.  While I greatly enjoyed ME2 there were to many departures from what was established in ME1.  Well I want to go back and reintegrate things from ME1 into the story of ME3.  If your interested in what I've come up with so far, please check out my thread Alternate ME3 Ideas.…

If you have read any of my Kira Shepard fanfic, particularly "Daddy was a Rolling Stone"…  then you'll know that my ending will deviate, in certain ways, greatly from the "official ending".  Until the end I just want to fix all the inconsistencies and just plain stupid things that happened in ME3.  As an example, the ridiculous line "it's not about strategy or tactics, it's about survival".  Or the entire way Thane dies, which was a study in inconsistency and stupidity.

I must admit I do envy you.  You've been able to keep putting out your story and have a following.  The following might have something to do with how beautifully you draw and that you've been able to make 101 pages so far.  As long as you keep making them I'll keep reading them.  By the way, are you just making it up as you go or do you have a long term outline that you've done?  Your still in ME2, are you planning to take your story into ME3?
ErsbethShadowsong Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ok, and another late reply. Sorry. I've been reading both your thread at and also your fics here at DA. I'm not sure if it's allowed to reply to all you ideas in one post, so I'll keep noting down my thoughts while I wait for my password of Koobismo to arrive to my e-mail. If you'd rather have my piece of mind by any other means, do tell me, otherwise I'll write them over there. I did like ME1 a lot, also ME2, despite I found it was shorter than the first one. I see which are your problems with ME3, and even though I don't share some of them, I do understand why they bother you.

I've been reading fanfics for a while, not so many these last months due to... other things occupying my time ;) and I must say that reading a fic that deviate from the official ending is something a long. I didn't like that ending at all -sorry, I've already say that- and I ready to change it in my own fanfic (fanfic? Can a comic be a fic?). I'd love to see what you come up with to fix ME3. That line you mention on strategy vs survival... It was not a good choice on the part of the writers. I prefer the part of "We fight or we die", which for me, showed how desperate was the situation at the point. Please, don't go into Thane's death. While I'm not against the fact that he dies a hero, saving Valern, the way everything is portrayed is... cheating on the player. 

Believe me, you don't have nothing to envy me. I'm not a good writer and the main goal of the comic was to "force" me to draw regularly and improve my skills. You are a good writer. I'm still in awe that people follows the story, despite some long delays -my own fault-, which bringq me to thank you for following it ^^ I have a main plot, based on how I played with Ayren Shepard the first time I imported her from ME -I have a second playthrough, with more parangon choices, but I won't be using them for the story-, this gives me the chronological order of the events (except for the romance subplot) in the story. With that in mind, I started drafting the chapters -what must happen in each of them- and the storyboard. This last part is the one that I read from time to time to see if everything is as consistent as I want it to be. I'm not saying that I'm doing a perfect story, but at least I'd like to be coherent ;) I'd love to take the story to ME3 if there's still interest in it by the time I reach the ME3 plot. I have some (I think) interesting and funny ideas for that part: a different ending is mandatory, BTW. 
RickF7666 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Well your not the only one who can occasionally take a while to reply.  As for the form of your replies I'll leave that up to your judgement.  Unfortunately, has become a bit overly quiet.  Ever since they started their chat channel the web site has become a bit of a ghost town, not to mention, that I've rarely gotten any response to any of my posted ideas.

I also use to read a fair amount of Mass Effect fanfic, but I've all but stopped as I found that most fanfic seems to disregard the established history and personality of the characters to such a degree that I question if they are even the same character.  As an example having NPCs romancing other NPCs who are fundamentally different, ie. Jack and Miranda, but also making heterosexual characters homosexual.  Now I personally don't have a problem with homosexual romances and that is what Shepard is for.  That is the one character you can do anything with, but the others should remain as they were originally written.  Which brings me to yet another problem I have with ME3, making Kaidan a broshep romance option.  Broshep already has way more romance options than femshep so why did they alter Kaidan?  It's not like they took any of the broshep romance ladies and make them romancable by femshep, like Ashley who is Kaidan's counterpart, and I've seen plenty of art and fanfic where Tali is romanced by femshep.

Speaking of romances, I find your portrayal of the Shepard/Garrus romance interesting.  Normally I'm not a fan of the nonhuman romances as there are a lot of associated problems, such as humans are soft and squishy where as Turians are decidedly not.  In addition Turians have no lips so there can be no kissing to speak of.  Now I've read where Turrians use biting as a form of affection, which strikes me as being quite painful for a human partner.  This sort of thing was played for comedic effect in ME2 if you talked to Mordin.  I don't think you've gotten to this part of your story as yet and I find myself in anticipation with regards to how you decide to handle this.

As for what I have planned for my ending of ME3, it features the return of Shepard's father.  And if you've read my story about him you might have an idea of what that could mean for her final confrontation with the Reapers.  I think it would be a nice bookend to my fanfics as the story of her father was the first ME fanfic I wrote, but if you've read my other ideas for my ME3 rewrite that might be one of the least deviations from the game that I have planned.
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